Saturday, March 22, 2014

(1) Menu Screen

This is the first screen you see when you start the app.

The menu screen on iPhone.

The menu screen on iPad.

How to Read in Photos/PDF Files

  1. If reading in photos
    To read in photos stored in your photo library, select "Photo Library" from the top of the menu. The app will display a list of photos in your photo library; choose the photo you want to read in and press "Select."
  2. If taking photos
    If you want to take new photos, select "Take Photo" from the top of the menu. This will run the camera app, so you can take a photo when you are ready.
  3. If reading in PDF files
    In this case, PDF files are actually sent from another app to i-Memorization Sheet. Select a PDF file from another app and you will see the "Open with this App" menu item. (This will be different depending on the app used.) When you select "Open with this App," select i-Memorization Sheet from the options.


  1. Location
    • Local(Photo):You can display any pictures on your device.
    • Local(PDF):You can display any PDF files on your device.
    • iCloud:You can display any files saved on your iCloud account.
  2. Rank
    You can see your files organized by their attached rank.
  3. Tags
    You can see your files organized by their attached tags. As the tags are created by users, this listing will be different for everyone.

List of Files

If you select Location/Tag/Rank, it will show the list of files.
In the File list, you can see the files thumbnail, file name, last modified time and tags.

Selecting the file, you can go to the study screen.

File Menu

In the case of iPhone, you can open File menu by swipe from right to left.
In the case of iPad, you can open File menu by long tap.
  • Delete file
    You can delete file.
  • File Property
    You can open "File Property Screen".
  • Mail
    You can mail the file of i-Memorize sheet.
  • to iCloud/from iCloud
    You can move file to iCloud.

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