Saturday, March 22, 2014

(5) File Properties Screen

You've finished studying, but before you go back to the menu screen, you can make adjustments at the file properties screen. It works like this:


How to Use

  • File Name
    This is what you call your file. When you take a picture, it automatically takes the date and time as its file name, so at first it will probably be something like MMDDYYYY-HH:MM. The file name is shown on the menu screen and will be used by the app. To change the name to something easier to understand, press the "Change Name" button, and you can change it to whatever you want.
  • Rank(only iPhone,iPad)
    The rank feature allows you to separate files into categories. You can make it so that only files of a certain rank appear on the menu screen. You can put a mark next to parts that you struggle with, so you can focus on studying those parts.
  • Tag
    The tag feature also helps to separate files. Unlike with the rank feature, users can tag files with any text they like, and any number of tags can be attached to a single file. All current tags are displayed in the tag box, and all tags attached to the selected file are shown with a check mark on the right side. If you want to add a new tag, enter the tag name in the text box, and push the "Add Tag" button on the left side.
    You can also change the color of your tags. 

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