Saturday, March 22, 2014

(3) PDF Page Operations

When studying PDF files rather than photos, you get an additional functionality to move from page to page as PDF files can have multiple pages. Here we describe how to move from page to page within a PDF file.

Page Operation

When viewing PDF files, you get an additional button on the toolbar, the fourth one from the left.
Select this button to display a screen like the one shown above.

Move between Pages

After this screen is displayed, you will see a slider as shown above, which displays the page number you are currently viewing. Move the slider and press the "go" button to move to that page. You can also change the value of the slider by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons right underneath the slider.


Press the "+" button displayed on the left of the "Bookmarks" title to bookmark the page currently on display. When you bookmark a page, it is displayed underneath as "Page ?" You can then press on a bookmarked page to go straight to it. It is a good idea to bookmark the beginning of chapters as you are more likely to use them frequently.

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